Analyze and Influence Your Reputation with TrustYou Analytics

Analyze and React

Analyze and act upon all user feedback across the web with TrustYou’s detailed insights, alerts and advanced analytics.

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Benchmark Against the Competition

Track your performance relative to competitors so that you can market areas of success and focus on areas that need improving.

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Receive Custom Reports

Receive weekly analytics reports or set up custom reports that measure your KPIs. Download reports directly from TrustYou Analytics or have them scheduled to be automatically sent to your inbox.

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Monitor on Social Media

See what is said about your hotel across all key social media platforms and respond to posts, tweets, tips, blogs and more.

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Set Up Your Enterprise

Manage and benchmark your portfolio by region and/or brand to ensure top quality across all divisions.

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Send Unlimited Surveys

TrustYou’s Surveys let you define your own questions, collect your own guest feedback, improve the customer experience and engage with your guests. Learn more about TrustYou surveys within TrustYou Stars

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